РПЦЗ: В Вашингтоне прошло отпевание иеромонаха Макария


Отпeвание иеромонаха Макария (Фостер) было отслужено о. Джоном Хинтоном в 11:00 в среду, 7 августа 2014, в храме при гладбище Рок Крийк в Вашингтоне, Огруг Колумбия, США. Погребение состоялось в 13:00 в присутствии узкого круга друзей и знакомых.  Вечная память!



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# And much thanks to our ROCA Priest, Fr. John Hinton!Rd. Daniel 09.08.2014 17:21
Memory Eternal to our beloved Fr. Makary, and with appreciation to our Fairfax, Virginia devoted and dedicated Priest Fr. John Hinton and parishioners of that ROCA Holy Ascension parish, who had the difficult task, to find a burial grave site, make the funeral arrangements, and to perform the funeral and to bury Fr. Makary, and in a short time.
People in that ROCA parish, including Fr, Makary, had previously to that 2007 union with the MP, been faithful members of the Washington DC ROCOR Cathedral, of St. John the Baptist.[ whose recdtor was and is, Fr. Victor Potapov], They rejected that evil union, and formed the ROCA Holy Ascension Parish, under our Vladyka Agafangel.
Thus, they have paid a high price for their loyalty to true Orthodoxy and the genuine Russian Church Abroad.
And, they still suffer.......
Former brothers and sisters in Christ [who went with that union] have despised and cursed them, and former friends. and indeed even some family members!], are now their detractors and foes, those with ROCOR/MP.
Fr. Makary was one of those who suffered abuse from others, because of his brave and RIGHTEOUS stand.
May he, and all those who sacrifice the praise of men in this world, because they obey GOD and NOT MAN, find their heavenly crowns with Christ and the Saints.
"The memory of the righteous is from age to age,, it is an everlasting inheritance!, which cannot be taken away!"
Rd. Daniel

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